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Your Custom Email Marketing System.
Emlun For Marketing Agencies And Resellers.

Emlun is not only a proven system for delivering professional email newsletters, but also integrates nicely into 3rd party systems.

This way you may provide your customers your own email marketing service and generate regular revenue.

Emlun will be the perfect addition to your current portfolio!

integrate Email Marketing software


The attractive Emlun GUI can be customized with your own logo and company name

Furthermore, you may also create your own custom design using CSS 3.

Emlun is currently available in English and German. Further translations can be realized on request.

User Management

Easily manage users with Emlun's integrated user management system.

Role management lets you create user accounts for specific roles, such as sales, support and supervisors.

End-users can create their own trial accounts for testing the system before purchasing.

System Management

Server Management lets you keep an eye on the activity on your Emlun system.

Analyze active mailings and test emails, keep posted on delivery success as well as the reputation of your IP addresses.

Integrate Emlun Into Your Own Applications.

Using Our Free SDKs For SOAP And .NET.

Did you develop your own software application and are you looking for a way to add a professional email newsletter function to it?

Emlun offers you two different ways to add such a function to your own application: If you are working with VisualStudio.NET, you may use our .NET DLL  to connect to Emlun and send newsletters.

Alternatively, you may also connect using SOAP for exporting contacts to our system in order to create and delivery a professional email newsletter.

Sample Integrations.

Take A Look How Others Perform.

"News & Mail Service" for cobra

Perfectly Integrated Into CRM Pro 2011.

The "News & Mail Service" for cobra is an add-in to cobra CRM and cobra Address Pro that provides professional email marketing capabilities.

First the user will query a recipient list that will be uploaded to Emlun via the add-in. Afterwards a browser will open featuring an editor for creating and sending a newsletter.

After the delivery the results can be imported back to cobra for further analysis. Learn More


Send Newsletters From MS Word.

Microsoft Word is the most popular solution for creating paper documents. Emlun4Word adds professional bulk email delivery functionality.

User can create their flyers in Microsoft Word as usual, however, when it comes to delivery, the add-in will upload the document and recipients list to an Emlun server that will take care of the complete email merge and delivery process.

 Learn More


Always happy to serve.

Evaluate Everything.

The Emlun Customer Support.

With our free-forever Trial.

We know Emlun by heart. And we know everything about successful bulk email delivery and newsletters. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are always happy to help.

Emails us at [email protected] or give us a toll-free call at 1-866-362-4586.
Evaluate everything that Emlun offers to you with no time limited.

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