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This Will Make Your E-Mail Marketing More Effective.
The Complete List Of Features.

  Evaluation Professional Agency Dedicated
List Management        
Create / Edit Addresses        
Do-Not-Email Lists        
Supported Formats        
CSV / Text        
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets        
Magento-Shop Connection        
Copy/Paste Import  
Data Import        
Intelligent Format Recognition        
Intelligente Field Recognition        
Automatical Categorisation        
Sign-up Forms        
Custom Fields        
Double Opt-in Support        
Custom Opt-in Confirmations        
E-Mail Newsletter Editor        
WYSIWYG HTML Editor        
Newsletter Templates        
Custom Templates        
Social Media Support        
Custom Alternate Plaintext        
HTML Code Editor        
Article Layouts        
Import Microsoft Word Documents        
Import Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations        
Import Microsoft Publisher Files        
Import HTML Files        
Import from Url        
Click & View Tracking        
Free Image Hosting        
Automatic Removal Links        
Personalization Fields        
Email Preview        
Send Test Emails        
Draft Management        
Schedule Delivery        
A/B Splittest        
ISP Relationships        
Feedback Loops        
List Unsubscribe Header        
Dedicated IP Addresses        
Interactive Tree Report        
Delivery Success        
Delivery Success by Domain        
Removals / Complaints  
Clicks/ Views        
Top-10 Clicks        
Queryable Delivery Logs        
Export Delivery Logs        
Custom Domain Name        
Custom Product Name        
Custom CSS Design        
SOAP Interface        
ASP.NET/C# Interface        
User Administration        
Custom Access Rights        
Custom Functionality        
Dedicated Functionality        
Custom Sign-Up Confirmations Anmeldebestätigungen        
Custom Pricing        
Customer Support        
Support Included (via Phone or Email) - 1h 2h 5h


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